Saturday, September 27, 2008

PROjECT 365 Day 176

Day 176
"Results from yesterday"
(September 26th,2008)
Natural... ha ha ha maybe at heart

PROjECT 365 Day 175

Day 175
(September 25th,2008)
Edit: lighten photo/ cell phone picture

PROjECT 365 Day 174

Day 174
"Rise and Shine baby boy!"
(September 24th,2008)
This is how he was at 6a.m. what a happy baby boy!

PROjECT 365 Day 173

Day 173
"busy @ work?"
(September 23rd, 2008)
These are all alarm codes coming in!

PROjECT 365 Day 1

Day 172
"Chili peppers came to down"
(September 22nd, 2008)
Ok so these looked really cool on the counter but not so cool in the picture..

Sunday, September 21, 2008

PROjECT 365 Day 171

Day 171
"Rayce Adventures"
(September 21st, 2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 170

Day 170
"Mommy & me time"
(September 20th,2008)
Taken with my MAC notebook

PROjECT 365 Day 169

Day 169
"worse picture on here"
(September 19th,2008)
I actually took a cooler picture of a fish in the fishtank at work, but deleted it by mistake, I realized that on my way home from getting my hair done so I took this just so I wouldn't forget.

Friday, September 19, 2008

PROjECT 365 Day 168

Day 168
"DOG.. the bounty HUNTERRR"
(September 18th,2008)
This one is for my cousin, when she came and visited me in Hawaii we actually went to his bail bonds to see him even though he wasn't there. For those of you that don't know my goal while living in Hawaii was to meet him. I did manage to see him but he was in the middle of chasing a guy so he just strutted passed us. Him, Beth, Leland and his other son. On a different early time I did meet Leland and actually talked to him on my way to the Big Island in 2005 i think.

PROjECT 365 Day 167

Day 167
"Nice hair DUDE"
(September 17th,2008)
Sorry its out of focus, he was chasing after me and I was just trying to get a picture, this one if my favorite.

PROjECT 365 Day 166

Day 166
"He LOVES shoes"
(September 16th,2008)
Rayce LOVES trying on our shoes and walking around in them, esp my high heels, lol.

PROjECT 365 Day 165

Day 165
"Bee Life"
(September 15th,2008)
For those of you that have been to my house know you can't go to the front door because of all the bees! Well.. this is the first batch of dead bees!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

PROjECT 365 Day 164

Day 164
"The kitty licking Rayce's hair and Rayce giggling"
(September 14th,2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 163

Day 163
"3 Man for Willie's birthday"
(September 13th,2008)
We went to Manda & Willie's for his birthday, and they had PLENTY to drink, enough to play lots of 3 man, one rule was nic names which were: Jungle Bunny, Sun Shine, Pookey, Chicken Fingers, Pickles, Pimp (which was Ryan), BabyCakes (me), Smiley, Hats, Bitch, and another one which I prefer NOT to put on here, all in all a GREAT NIGHT!

PROjECT 365 Day 162

Day 162
"Learning how to drive"
(September 12th, 2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 161

"Sunset/ trax"
(September 11th, 2008)
I wanted to have something to do with 9/11 but this was rushed as the sun was setting and my Nikon battery was dead so here is a cell phone pic.

PROjECT 365 Day 160

Day 160
(September 10th, 2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 159

Day 159
"Venus fly trap"
(September 8th, 2008)
This one is actually dying, and the mouth was super imposed, but it looked really cool when we first got it and the concept was neat.

Monday, September 8, 2008

PROjECT 365 Day 158

Day 158
"Post secret book"
(September 7th,2008)
If you haven't heard of it already, your missing out... POSTSECRET.Com

PROjECT 365 Day 157

Day 157
"Reason enough to hate spiders?!"
(September 6th,2008)
We thought it was alive but luckily it was dead! He was HUGE! I have other pictures Ryan took comparing it to a penny but of course for my 365 it had to be one of MY pictures I post on here.

PROjECT 365 Day 156

Day 156
"Meet Pirate Rayce"
(September 5th,2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 155

Day 155
"Manda's keys"
(September 5th,2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 154

Day 154
"no no no"
(September 4th,2008)
We told Rayce not to touch the dishes in the dishwasher... so this is what he did.

PROjECT 365 Day 153

Day 153
"I'm an ANGEL"
(September 2nd, 2008)

Monday, September 1, 2008

PROjECT 365 Day 152

Day 152
"Where is my Hawaiian sunshine?"
(September 1st, 2008)
This is actually hail hitting the hot tub roof!
Click to enlarge picture

PROjECT 365 Day 151

Day 151
"YUM! Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake"
(August 31,2008)
Its a family tradition my mom started a long time ago, for our birthday we always got an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, well they didn't have the cakes in Hawaii :( and Baskin Robbins ice cream cake's just aren't the same. Dairy Queen use to put cute little edible pictures on the cakes but I guess they don't anymore, long story short, YUM! Its a little late as in Rayce's birthday was ten days ago, but he seriously had 3 birthday cakes! LOL

PROjECT 365 Day 150

Day 150
"Footloose had a film scene here"
(August 30th, 2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 149

Day 149
"sittin around the fire"
(August 29th,2008)
Good save at the last min, I almost forgot to take a picture..