Saturday, January 10, 2009


Sorry for the long ass delay! Like I said my computer has been having some major issues, we pretty much took everything off (which too forever) and crashed it, well i did lost my program i use for my 365 so I haven't been able to post :(
I have been doing my 365 but things have just been kinda crazy with work, buying a house, the computer crashing, etc. I will be posting hopefully in the next week or so, if Ryan can get me my program, keep your fingers crossed!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

PROjECT 365 Day 276

Day 276
"its COLD outside" 
(December 26th, 2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 275

Day 275 
"Merry Christmas"
(December 25th, 2008)
I wish this one would of been focused right! Rayce was being such a cute ham! This one always makes me smile! 

PROjECT 365 Day 274

Day 274
"Roberts side of the family"
(December 24th,2008)
I don't get to see much of this side, this isn't all but its nice to get most of them together, these are the guys in the family, Ryan of course was taller then everyone! LOL and Rayce didn't want his picture taken, he wanted to go play. 


I am horrible! I actually forgot to take a picture for the day!!! I don't know how I forgot after 273 days of doing it! I felt soooo gulity! BOO!! 
So I guess I am going to have to do it an extra day.. which still doesn't make me feel better!
(december 23rd, 2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 273

Day 273
"Monica's cookies!"
(December 22nd, 2008)
Every year the neighbors always exchange things, and this is the one we look most forward to, they are the most amazing cookies I have ever had, they go fast in this house. 

PROjECT 365 Day 272

Day 272
"Fun in da tub"
(December 21st, 2008)
This should be a picture of Ryan sense it was his birthday, but he was a bum recovering all day from the LONG night before ;) 

PROjECT 365 Day 271

Day 271
"Happy birthday Gaites"
(December 20th, 2008)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

PROjECT 365 Day 270

Day 270
"Helping Mommy at work"
(December 19th,2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 269

Day 269
"nice and warm, although i can hardly move"
(December 18th,2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 268

Day 268
"not too sure about Santa"
(December 17th,2008)
Ok so its a picture of a picture but I couldn't help to post it.. sooo cute

PROjECT 365 Day 267

Day 267
(December 16th,2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 266

Day 266
"Sun rise on a snowy morning"
(December 15th,2008)
The windshield is crack but i thought it still looked neat

PROjECT 365 Day 265

Day 265
"PaJAMA time"
(December 14th,2008)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

PROjECT 365 Day 264

Day 264
"quick nap"
(December 13th,2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 263

Day 263
(December 12th,2008)
Too lazy to take a better picture, so here is a fun edit.
edit: Black/white and color

PROjECT 365 Day 262

Day 262
"ornament fun"
(December 11th,2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 261

Day 261
"Gingerbread house"
(December 10th,2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 260

Day 260
"Amazing people in my life"
(December 9th,2008)
My best friend knew i had a bad weekend so she sent these to my work, she is truly amazing!

PROjECT 365 Day 259

Day 259
"Gaites TWILIGHT gift card"
(December 8th,2008)
Lame picture i know but i took this picture while i remembered to take one, just in case i forgot to take a better one later (of course i ended up forgetting to take a better picture).

PROjECT 365 Day 258

Day 258
(December 7th,2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 257

Day 257
"Brushin my teeth with my black eye"
(December 6th, 2008)