Saturday, November 29, 2008

PROjECT 365 Day 250

Day 250
"playing video games"
(November 29th,2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 249

Day 249
(November 28th,2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 248

Day 248
(November 27th,2008)
Left to Right: My grandpa, Cody, Rayce and my Dad
--if you haven't already noticed Ryan hates when i take millions of pictures--

PROjECT 365 Day 247

Day 247
"me... glasses"
(November 26th,2008)
Just cuz someone said there wasn't many of me

PROjECT 365 Day 246

Day 246
(November 25th,2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 245

Day 245
(November 24th,2008)
Wish this picture would of turned out a little better

PROjECT 365 Day 244

Day 244
(November 23rd, 2008)
He was actually the one who put this on and kept it on

Sunday, November 23, 2008

PROjECT 365 Day 243

Day 243
"Cuddling with Grandpa"
(November 22nd,2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 242

Day 242
"EDWARD & ME..... and Gaites ha ha ha"
(November 21st, 2008)
Gaites and I on our way to see the Twilight movie! My friend got me the Edward, lol.

PROjECT 365 Day 241

Day 241
"Feeling better!"
(November 20th, 2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 240

Day 240
(November 19,2008)
The girl I work with, her house is amazing! Everywhere you look there is something neat like this, they painted this on a door, the picture is from my cell phone so its not the best :(

PROjECT 365 Day 239

Day 239
"this is what you get: tired, lazy, almost forgot"
(November 18th,2008)
I was starting to get sick and was almost asleep when I realized I almost forgot to take a picture.

PROjECT 365 Day 238

Day 238
"My mom's baby dress"
(November 17th,2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 237

Day 237
"Wendover lights"
(November 16th,2008)
Early morning hours ;)

PROjECT 365 Day 236

Day 236
"On the way to WENDOVER"
(November 15th,2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 235

Day 235
"Neon green rose"
(November 14th,2008)
I think this is the first time I have ever got flowers 'just because', its awesome!

Friday, November 14, 2008

PROjECT 365 Day 234

Day 234
"Heart breaking"
(November 13th,2008)
Poor guy has double ear infections, and strep throat!

PROjECT 365 Day 233

Day 233
(November 12th, 2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 232

Day 232
"nevermind my dumb ass facial expression"
(November 11th,2008)
I took this one to show a friend my new color, I hate this picture but hey, at least I took one for the day... right?

PROjECT 365 Day 231

Day 231
"Coloring fun, wonder what color it will be.."
(November 10th,2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 230

Day 230
"Apple goodness"
(November 9th,2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 229

Day 229
"First date"
(November 8th, 2008)
Rayce and Mylee out for some ice cream

PROjECT 365 Day 228

Day 228
"Love remains the same"
(November 7th,2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 227

Day 227
"Sibling love"
(November 6th,2008)
EDIT: Cell phone pic-lighten color

Thursday, November 6, 2008

PROjECT 365 Day 226

Day 226
"Snow sucks! Esp waking up to it"
(November 5th, 2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 225

Day 225
"Holy batman pajamas!"
(November 4th, 2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 224

Day 224
"Halloween candy leftovers"
(November 3rd, 2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 223

Day 223
"Rainy days"
(November 2nd, 2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 222

Day 222
"Nice and cleannnn!"
(November 1st, 2008)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

PROjECT 365 Day 221

Day 221
"Happy Halloween"

PROjECT 365 Day 220

Day 220
(October 30th,2008)

PROjECT 365 Day 219

Day 219
"Playing in the leaves"
(October 29th,2008)
He loves throwing the leaves up and watching them fall it was soo cute!

PROjECT 365 Day 218

Day 218
"i will own you one day!"
(October 28th,2008)
everyone knows i don't like my current car (Chev. equinox), and its not really a good reason I just LOVED my Mazda 6i so much! I hated getting rid of it! But it was made on a friday or a monday so it wasn't the best car, Ryan and I met in the middle (he wanted a truck or a tahoe and I wanted something smaller) so we both agreed on the Equinox . We were thinking of trading it now but we would lose too much :(

PROjECT 365 Day 217

Day 217
(October 27, 2008)