Wednesday, April 30, 2008

PROjECT 365 Days 28-30

Day 28
What a beautiful day! My dad and I took Rayce outside to play in the sun! I'm excited for summer!
(April 28th,08)

Day 29
My Grandpa's bell peppers starting to grow, you can tell where the sun shines.
(April 29th, 08)

Day 30
Last day of the month... April showers bring May flowers... right?
(April 30th, 08)

Sunday, April 27, 2008


I had these at a bridal shower and they were soooooooooooo good I had to try and make them for myself...


The Ingredients ..
1bag of oreos
cream chesse

I don't exactly know what kind of chocolate to use so I used 3 different kinds, you can see 2 in the picture. .

In a food processer (or blender) grind oreos to a crumb...

Add SOFTENED cream cheese...

Mix until the consistency of cookie dough ...
*I added a little to much cream cheese mine

roll in small balls
Place in freezer for about 10mins, it will help when you
dip in chocolate...

and ta-da! Oh.. I added a little fancy touch to mine with the two different chocolates.

PROjECT 365 Days 25-27

Day 25
Rayce playing in his toy bin
(April 25th,08)

Day 26
The "OVER THE HILL" cake I made for my mother in law's birthday. I can't take all the credit Ryan helped a lot.
(April 26th,08)

Day 27
Austen reaching for the football Ryan threw, he was jumping on the tramp by the way.
(April 27th,08)

Friday, April 25, 2008

PROjECT 365 Days 22-24

Day 22
This was kinda a last min thing, I ALMOST forgot to take a picture for the day..
SO here is my COACH purse which I love.
(April 22nd,08)

Day 23
Ahh my little Monster getting into everything, he looks so tall!
(April 23rd,08)

Day 24
OK so I know the saying "April showers bring May flowers" but where the hell is this snow coming from?
(April 24th, 08)

Monday, April 21, 2008

PROjECT 365 Days 20-21

Day 20
I was messing around with my camera trying to figure out the setting and Rayce felt climbing on me, so I decided I would take his picture.. I think it turned out really good.
(April 20th,08)

Day 21
I was going with the BREAKFAST THEME but then I noticed it looked like a heart..
(April 21,08)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

PROjECT 365 Days 15-19

Day 15
Rayce playing with the mirror
(April 15th,08)

Day 16
We took my Grandpa to the VA and were wasting time driving around, there are so many hills and slopes I thought it was really cool looking.
(April 16th,08)

Day 17
My new BOSTON RED SOX cup!
(April 17th,08)

Day 18
My Grandpa's pond, really dirty right but still neat.
(April 18th,08)

Day 19
I almost forgot to take the picture for the day so here is my woodpecker!
(April 19th,08)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

PROjECT 365 Days 10-14

Day 10
Happy 79th Birthday Grandma Roberts! We love & miss you!
(April 10th,08)

Day 11
Starting to feel like spring even though there is snow in the mtns,
ahhhh home again.
(April 11th,08)

Day 12
Rayce outside enjoying the warm weather.
(April 12th,08)

Day 13
Tulips from our walk... so pretty.
(April 13th,08)

Day 14
Ryan, Gma & Rayce
(April 14th,08)

bonus one from Day 14, Becca playing with Rayce.
(April 14th,08)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

PROjECT 365 Days 6-9

Day 6
This is what happens when girls are in the bathroom too long, coloring hair, they all fell asleep!
(April 6th,08)

Day 7
This is the new hair! Thanks to my awesome best friend Manda! I am going lighter!
(April 7th,08)

Day 8
Rayce and I went on a walk and I saw this and had to take a picture! Hard to believe it snowed a few days before! Spring is 'coming' even though the calendar says its spring already.
(April 8th,08)

Day 9
My handsome son! He actually wasn't feeling good but you could hardly tell! He had a stomach bug while I had food poisoning he was such a good boy! Check out his hair too!
(April 9th,08)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

PROjECT 365 Days 3-5

Chinese food... YUM!

Day 3
Nothing like falling asleep in Daddy's arms.
(April 3rd,08)
Edit: Black & White

Day 4 -
Waiting on the new carpet!
(April 4th,08)

Day 5-
Rayce Car, Playing on the carpet in his new room!
(April 5th,08)

Another from Day 5- I made PESTO!

As you can see the week's worth of pictures is coming along, I tend to wait until the last min to take a picture because I don't usually have ideas until then or I want to capture the BEST possible one from what I have done for that day, so some days you will see more then one, some days will be completely random, and some days will be boring. I just wish I would of been able to buy that camera I wanted, either the Nikon or the Cannon. It would improve my pictures A LOT!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

PROjECT 365 Days 1-2

Day 2
Our Hawaii license plate in Utah, I wonder what Utahn's think when they see it.
(April 2nd,08)


Wahoo PROjECT 365 started yesterday! I got 2 pictures uploaded, one from today and one from yesterday, I am sure they are just going to be random and some 'junk' photos but fun to look back on and see how much things change and what I have been up to.

I went and saw my Mom today, she didn't look like she was having a good day, her heart rate was high, she was tense, and sweating. I told the nurse and he said he was going to give her some more pain meds in about 45mins, I read to her some more (I am starting to read The 5 People You Meet In Heaven, I was telling her about it before all this happened and she had actually bought the book and started reading, so I figured I would start it over and read it to her) it clammed her down some, when I left her heart rate wasn't as high, I don't know its if because of my voice or the pain was subsiding. I am trying not to be too down on myself about today because I know some day's she'll have her 'off days'.

On another note..
Here are some recent pictures..
Rayce actually playing in his playpen, enjoying his bath & Mr. Hollywood before bed.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Scattered Messed

Well we are almost all settled in (finally)! Last week the day before our stuff got here we went to lay carpet and found termites in Rayce's room! Today we had to guy come out, they can't just do one spot they have to do the whole basement so that's a complete mess, every thing has to be moved 2 feet away from the walls and we have to pull the carpet up! ALMOST done! We had to get our stuff unpacked and then decided where it should go, storage or in the house.

I decided today I am going to start PROJECT 365! Its a photography, you take a picture EVERYDAY for a whole year! You blog it somewhere and write a little some thing about it, then you can look it over. I'm sure most of my pictures will be of Rayce, he is the cutest thing ever! lol. I am excited to start this, it will also help improve my photography skills. I won't be uploading them here but on

I am currently reading My Sister's Keep by: Jodi Picoult
Kate Fitzgerald has had leukemia since she was 2 years old, and her family conceived their next child, Anna, in hopes that her genetic makeup could be used to help Kate stay alive. Now Kate is 16, and Anna 13. Kate is getting worse, and Anna's parents want her to donate a kidney as one last chance for her sister. After years of surgery, trauma, and heartbreak, Anna rebels. She even finds herself a lawyer to plead her case. As the hearing approaches, Kate's condition worsens, their older brother Jesse's problems escalate, and Anna begins to wonder if she is doing the right thing. Jodi Picoult specializes in writing fiction about families in extreme situations. MY SISTER'S KEEPER alternates among several points of view, including the legal and ethical issues involved, as Picoult devotes her considerable novelistic skill to examining this controversial issue.

Its such a good book so far very powerful and really makes you think. What would you do sorta thing? If it was your sister that needed it (not just once but all the time) would you get tired of it? Or the fact that your parents had you just to be used as replacement parts for your sister.