Sunday, April 6, 2008

PROjECT 365 Days 3-5

Chinese food... YUM!

Day 3
Nothing like falling asleep in Daddy's arms.
(April 3rd,08)
Edit: Black & White

Day 4 -
Waiting on the new carpet!
(April 4th,08)

Day 5-
Rayce Car, Playing on the carpet in his new room!
(April 5th,08)

Another from Day 5- I made PESTO!

As you can see the week's worth of pictures is coming along, I tend to wait until the last min to take a picture because I don't usually have ideas until then or I want to capture the BEST possible one from what I have done for that day, so some days you will see more then one, some days will be completely random, and some days will be boring. I just wish I would of been able to buy that camera I wanted, either the Nikon or the Cannon. It would improve my pictures A LOT!

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