Thursday, April 10, 2008

PROjECT 365 Days 6-9

Day 6
This is what happens when girls are in the bathroom too long, coloring hair, they all fell asleep!
(April 6th,08)

Day 7
This is the new hair! Thanks to my awesome best friend Manda! I am going lighter!
(April 7th,08)

Day 8
Rayce and I went on a walk and I saw this and had to take a picture! Hard to believe it snowed a few days before! Spring is 'coming' even though the calendar says its spring already.
(April 8th,08)

Day 9
My handsome son! He actually wasn't feeling good but you could hardly tell! He had a stomach bug while I had food poisoning he was such a good boy! Check out his hair too!
(April 9th,08)

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