Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Wahoo PROjECT 365 started yesterday! I got 2 pictures uploaded, one from today and one from yesterday, I am sure they are just going to be random and some 'junk' photos but fun to look back on and see how much things change and what I have been up to.

I went and saw my Mom today, she didn't look like she was having a good day, her heart rate was high, she was tense, and sweating. I told the nurse and he said he was going to give her some more pain meds in about 45mins, I read to her some more (I am starting to read The 5 People You Meet In Heaven, I was telling her about it before all this happened and she had actually bought the book and started reading, so I figured I would start it over and read it to her) it clammed her down some, when I left her heart rate wasn't as high, I don't know its if because of my voice or the pain was subsiding. I am trying not to be too down on myself about today because I know some day's she'll have her 'off days'.

On another note..
Here are some recent pictures..
Rayce actually playing in his playpen, enjoying his bath & Mr. Hollywood before bed.

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