Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Scattered Messed

Well we are almost all settled in (finally)! Last week the day before our stuff got here we went to lay carpet and found termites in Rayce's room! Today we had to guy come out, they can't just do one spot they have to do the whole basement so that's a complete mess, every thing has to be moved 2 feet away from the walls and we have to pull the carpet up! ALMOST done! We had to get our stuff unpacked and then decided where it should go, storage or in the house.

I decided today I am going to start PROJECT 365! Its a photography, you take a picture EVERYDAY for a whole year! You blog it somewhere and write a little some thing about it, then you can look it over. I'm sure most of my pictures will be of Rayce, he is the cutest thing ever! lol. I am excited to start this, it will also help improve my photography skills. I won't be uploading them here but on photoblog.com

I am currently reading My Sister's Keep by: Jodi Picoult
Kate Fitzgerald has had leukemia since she was 2 years old, and her family conceived their next child, Anna, in hopes that her genetic makeup could be used to help Kate stay alive. Now Kate is 16, and Anna 13. Kate is getting worse, and Anna's parents want her to donate a kidney as one last chance for her sister. After years of surgery, trauma, and heartbreak, Anna rebels. She even finds herself a lawyer to plead her case. As the hearing approaches, Kate's condition worsens, their older brother Jesse's problems escalate, and Anna begins to wonder if she is doing the right thing. Jodi Picoult specializes in writing fiction about families in extreme situations. MY SISTER'S KEEPER alternates among several points of view, including the legal and ethical issues involved, as Picoult devotes her considerable novelistic skill to examining this controversial issue.

Its such a good book so far very powerful and really makes you think. What would you do sorta thing? If it was your sister that needed it (not just once but all the time) would you get tired of it? Or the fact that your parents had you just to be used as replacement parts for your sister.

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