Tuesday, March 25, 2008

tasting the forbidden fruit

You would think with everything going on you would step up? Think things over? Maybe even try to be a better person. The reason things happened was partly because of you, ok so I might not completely understand what your going through but you can't understand what I'm going through either.
How is it that I believe every word someone says to me? I know what I saw/ I know what happened yet you tell me a story of what happened and I believe you, no wonder I have trust issues, unfortunately I can't trust you until you prove yourself, I have so many times and 95% I have been burned so I'm done. Trust has to be EARNED. People just think its easier to lie, but does it really help? I would rather be told the truth up front no matter how bad it is then later found out I was lied to. I'm sick of always being the middle person, why can't you respect my feeling and thoughts, if I don't pick a side that should be a sign that I don't want to hear bad things about the the other.
Why pretend to be something that your not? Do you even know who you are? What about others feelings?

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